maandag 5 januari 2015

Seth Godin 3

What to do when it's your turn (and it's always your turn)

The Domino Project 2014, 160 pagina's - € 25,--

Wikipedia: Seth Godin (1960) en zijn blog

Fragment - Growing up
Embracing the fear of freedom, deciding to determine your own path, this is the work of a grownup, of someone who can identify what truly matters. Being a grownup has nothing to do with how old you are - it's a choice, one that some people never get around to making. The productive grownup stops for help and contributes instead.

There's a huge difference between childlike and childish. When we embrace joy and look at the world with fresh eyes, we're being childlike. When we demand instant gratifications and a guarantee that everything will be okay, we're only being childish.(pagina 41)

Volwassen zijn - has nothing to do with how old you are - it's a choice (januari 2015)

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